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Supporting Your Psychological Well-Being

For most individuals, life’s difficulties are obstacles that everyone must inevitably face. More often than not, people are told, "stay calm" and "power through everything". However, at times, these difficulties become too much to handle and cause harm to people and/or their relationships.

With 18+ years of invaluable experience, Monique's seen how these issues affect people. She passionately offers support to individuals, couples and families to, not only tackle life’s difficulties, but also to learn how to grow and move forward as best as possible from their difficult experiences.

At Rising Star Psychology, we offer pragmatic strengths based psychological services to individuals, couples and families in and around Nambour and the greater Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

New Clients:

Neda | Provisional Psychologist: You're in luck! Currently, Neda has availability for an immediate start for weekly or fortnightly appointments for clients with NDIS funding. Contact us now to book your therapy sessions!

Monique | Clinical Psychologist: Unfortunately, Monique is booked to capacity for regular therapy appointments. However, we have a waiting/cancellation list and can contact you when there is a cancellation appointment available. It is then up to you whether the time/day suits you or not - until a regular spot opens up.

Reach out to us!